Hello World, You Make Me Uncomfortable

As it happens, I am what’s known as an INTJ. If you are unsure as to what that is, google is there for you. The thought of explaining it has me raising one eyebrow like The Rock right now. If you know an INTJ in real life you are probably familiar with the expression. If you are an INTJ who can’t do the one eyebrow thing, I am so sorry, because you are missing out on one of life’s joys.


Having extensively googled the subject myself, I came to the concluion that the internet could use another INTJ voice floating around in it. It is my hope that by sharing some anecdotes about my life, from the weird little kid I was to the frustrated adult I am today, it will help other INTJs out there feel a little less lonely when they’re online discovering themselves at 3am. If you’re someone who loves an INTJ, or someone who is just trying to get along with one, maybe I can give you some insight.

Next time I’ll be writing about kid me. Kid me was precocious, endlessly curious, and a bit of an asshole all at once. TTFN.